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Smart Food Budgeting Tips

Posted in Healthy Eating by doctorsonline on December 28, 2009

Smart BudgetingSmart choices saves money. Learn to evaluate on how you spend your money on food. The first way to save money on food is to limit or cut out unnecessary food spending. Here are some smart food budgeting tips:

1. Shop wisely. The conventional grocery store is not the only place to buy food. Many options are available that you may not be aware of. Some of these “new” venues may offer a significantly cheaper way to purchase food. Search out these types of stores and markets in your area and compare prices. It can save you a lot of money.

2. Find cheaper protein options. There are a number of ways to stretch your food dollars, such as always comparing prices to find the best deal and clipping coupons for healthy foods you like and would buy anyway. Two of most effective ways to save money on food are buying in bulk and learning how to purchase protein in the most affordable way.

3. Buy in bulk. Doing things in bulk saves time and money. Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper. There are many items that can be bought in bulk – grains, dairy products, and meat, for example. You can freeze perishable items, such as meat, milk, and bread, in smaller portions to use, as they are needed. It is always a good idea to buy non-perishable items, such as dried beans, grains, and canned foods, in bulk.

4. Stretch your money when you cook. Preparing large portions of food to use over multiple meals saves time and energy. When cooking, it’s also important to think about how to incorporate leftovers into new meals. Finally presentation has a big effect on the appeal of a meal, so a little effort put in, makes a huge difference.


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