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Tips How To Buy In Bulk

Posted in Healthy Eating by doctorsonline on January 4, 2010

BuyMassive Grocerying in bulk is almost always better; it saves time and money. There are many items that can be bought in bulk like grains, dairy products, and meat,. You can freeze perishable items such as meat, milk, and bread, in smaller portions to use, as they are needed. It is always a good idea to buy non-perishable items, such as dried beans, grains, and canned foods, in bulk. Here are some tips when buying in bulk:

1. Shop for produce in season and buy by the bag. When produce is in season it is at its cheapest, as well as its best flavor and nutritional value. It’s cheaper to purchase produce by the bag, not by the piece, and will fill more lunch bags and cover more meals. Some easy examples: apples, oranges, grapefruit, potatoes, and onions.

2. Check the freezer aisle. Look for the largest packages of vegetables in the frozen foods section. These are great for stir-fries and soups. Frozen and fresh veggies are equally nutritious, still taste good, and often the largest frozen bags will be cheaper.

3. Ethnic markets and corner stores are worth looking into. Many of them feature an impressive, affordable selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as some other products.

4. Buy all your grains in bulk (including cereals) and store them in airtight containers. Examples are whole grain brown rice, millet, barley and rolled oats. Brown Rice can be a little more expensive than white rice, but the higher nutritional value is well worth it. Whole grains are an excellent source of nutrients, including protein!

5. Bulk protein comes in many forms. Meat is often sold in larger packages/portions at a lower price. Split packages up into meal size portions and freeze for later use. Tip: buy a whole chicken & have the butcher cut it up for you. Dried legumes (beans) and peas can easily be bought in bulk packages or bulk bins at grocery stores. Canned beans can be bought in flats at warehouse stores. Also look for two for one specials on dairy, which you can keep good by freezing.


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