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Drink Your Way To Better Health

Posted in Healthy Eating,Rcon Pascua by doctorsonline on January 21, 2010
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You may be eating right, but are you sure that what you are drinking is good for your health as well? Fact is, you may be getting a lot of calories from the beverages you drink everyday.

See, the liquid you take in your body can greatly affect your metabolism, your appetite, as well as your calorie count. Hence, if you don’t watch what you are drinking, you may be gaining instead of losing weight.

SodaOne of the big no-no beverages is the soda. Drinking a can of soda everyday is like consuming loads of empty calories. Soda should not be your daily thirst quencher. Instead, drink water as this is cheaper and so much healthier than soda.

100% fruit juiceFruit juice is another beverage that you need to watch out when it comes to calorie content, for these generally contain just as much calories as sodas in cans and bottles. Fruit juices may contain nutrients, but you don’t need the extra sugar from these beverages. To enjoy your fave fruit juice without worrying about the extra calories, just make sure that you are consuming 100 percent fruit juice.

Contributed by: Rcon Pascua

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