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Common Diet Mistakes

Posted in Healthy Eating,Rcon Pascua by doctorsonline on January 23, 2010

Diet MistakesYou are eating light, frequent meals. You stay away from unhealthy snacks and alcohol. Yet you are still gaining weight or you haven’t lost a pound with all your diet efforts. This must be so because you are committing diet mistakes without realizing it.

The following are common diet traps that you should be aware of:

1. It’s okay to skip meals. If you think skipping meals can help you lose a few pounds, think again. You will only end up binge eating if you continue skipping meals, especially during the day.

2. Feed on appetizers. Avoid munching on too much appetizers. You’ll be shocked to realize just how much cereals or pretzels you have already eaten even before your real lunch or dinner.

3. Be a mad eater. It is not healthy to overeat, especially if you are already full. Eating until your stomach can’t take in anymore food will only lead to constipation, indigestion, or bloating.

4. Practice selective reading. If you always ignore the “Serving Size” on labels when shopping for groceries, you are bound to consume more than what is recommended, hence, you’ll gain more instead of losing weight.

Contributed by: Rcon Pascua

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