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Beauty Rituals That Can Harm You

Posted in Rcon Pascua by doctorsonline on February 26, 2010

There is nothing wrong in wanting to be clean and beautiful everyday. But be careful, for your daily beauty rituals might bring you more harm than good. The following are beauty rituals that are not good for your health if practiced or done regularly:

* Always wearing tight clothes. Avoid wearing tight pants such as skinny jeans and capris everyday, for these rub the skin, causing itch to your intimate area. Schedule your weekly wardrobe instead to avoid wearing tight clothes everyday.

* Frequent lipstick touch ups. Too much lipstick touch up is not good for your lips, for some lipstick products can cause lip dryness. So when shopping for cosmetics, opt for lipsticks that contain moisturizers.

* Excessive washing of hair. You may think that daily washing of hair is hygienic. But truth is, it’s not. This ritual will only strip your hair as well as your scalp their natural moisturizing oils. Better wash your hair every other day instead to prevent damaged brittle hair due to excessive washing.

Contributed by: Rcon Pascua

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