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Beauty Rituals That Can Harm You

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There is nothing wrong in wanting to be clean and beautiful everyday. But be careful, for your daily beauty rituals might bring you more harm than good. The following are beauty rituals that are not good for your health if practiced or done regularly:

* Always wearing tight clothes. Avoid wearing tight pants such as skinny jeans and capris everyday, for these rub the skin, causing itch to your intimate area. Schedule your weekly wardrobe instead to avoid wearing tight clothes everyday.

* Frequent lipstick touch ups. Too much lipstick touch up is not good for your lips, for some lipstick products can cause lip dryness. So when shopping for cosmetics, opt for lipsticks that contain moisturizers.

* Excessive washing of hair. You may think that daily washing of hair is hygienic. But truth is, it’s not. This ritual will only strip your hair as well as your scalp their natural moisturizing oils. Better wash your hair every other day instead to prevent damaged brittle hair due to excessive washing.

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Dealing With Fatigue

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Dealing with FatigueIn my previous post, I talked about my problem with recurring fatigue in college. And as promised, I’ll now share how I was able to manage fatigue back then.

* I balanced activity and rest. Even though my days at school were always jam-packed, I managed to squeeze in time for short breaks during class, especially when our professors were absent. This way, my body had the chance to rest before I got too tired.

* I lightened up my load at school and at work. To make my work easier, I eliminated unnecessary tasks at school and at work. This strategy gave me more time to rest, thus, preventing over-exhaustion. Also, I learned how to de-clutter my work areas. This way, I was able to do more tasks with less energy spent.

* I made sure to get enough sleep. It was in college when I realized the importance of sleep to my body. Getting things done by not sleeping at night did not help me at all. Hence, no matter how hectic college days were for me, I made sure to sleep at least six hours at night to restore my energy and be ready for another day at school and at work.

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What Causes Fatigue

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Way back in college, I experienced recurring fatigue as I was a working and studying at the same time. There were days when I was so exhausted from my student assistant duty, I slept during class. I may have enjoyed free tuition in college, but I was not learning much at class for I was always sleeping.

So what were theOver Fatigue Due To Work triggers of my frequent exhaustion? One was I had too little sleep. Back then, I go home late and I sleep late because I still need to study and do some homework from school.

Another one was eating the wrong foods, especially during breakfast. I was always in a hurry so my usual breakfast then was coffee and sometimes a doughnut. Yes, only coffee and doughnut until lunchtime. This routine of mine always resulted to sluggish mornings at work or at class.

Lack of exercise was also another trigger of my fatigue issue back then. With so much time spent at school and at work, I totally ignored the thought of exercising at that time.

What I did to cope with recurring fatigue on my next post.

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

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Lack Of SleepIf you always find it hard to drift off to dreamland, you are not alone. In fact, millions of people worldwide are suffering from minor to chronic sleeping problems. You see, triggers of sleeping disorders are mostly associated with our lifestyle and habits. With this, the following are quick lifestyle tips that can help you sleep better at night:

1. No caffeine three to two hours before you hit the sheets. Obviously, caffeine can get your mind and body active, hence, this will only keep you awake as you go to bed.

2. Practice a bedtime routine. It helps to go to bed and get out of bed at the same time everyday. This way, your body knows when to rest and when it is time to getup.

3. Avoid bright lights in the bedroom. It is difficult to sleep with bright lights inside your bedroom. Dimmer switches and curtains in your bedroom windows can surely help you minimize lighting inside the room, especially if you are going to sleep during the day.

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Common Diet Mistakes

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Diet MistakesYou are eating light, frequent meals. You stay away from unhealthy snacks and alcohol. Yet you are still gaining weight or you haven’t lost a pound with all your diet efforts. This must be so because you are committing diet mistakes without realizing it.

The following are common diet traps that you should be aware of:

1. It’s okay to skip meals. If you think skipping meals can help you lose a few pounds, think again. You will only end up binge eating if you continue skipping meals, especially during the day.

2. Feed on appetizers. Avoid munching on too much appetizers. You’ll be shocked to realize just how much cereals or pretzels you have already eaten even before your real lunch or dinner.

3. Be a mad eater. It is not healthy to overeat, especially if you are already full. Eating until your stomach can’t take in anymore food will only lead to constipation, indigestion, or bloating.

4. Practice selective reading. If you always ignore the “Serving Size” on labels when shopping for groceries, you are bound to consume more than what is recommended, hence, you’ll gain more instead of losing weight.

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Drink Your Way To Better Health

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You may be eating right, but are you sure that what you are drinking is good for your health as well? Fact is, you may be getting a lot of calories from the beverages you drink everyday.

See, the liquid you take in your body can greatly affect your metabolism, your appetite, as well as your calorie count. Hence, if you don’t watch what you are drinking, you may be gaining instead of losing weight.

SodaOne of the big no-no beverages is the soda. Drinking a can of soda everyday is like consuming loads of empty calories. Soda should not be your daily thirst quencher. Instead, drink water as this is cheaper and so much healthier than soda.

100% fruit juiceFruit juice is another beverage that you need to watch out when it comes to calorie content, for these generally contain just as much calories as sodas in cans and bottles. Fruit juices may contain nutrients, but you don’t need the extra sugar from these beverages. To enjoy your fave fruit juice without worrying about the extra calories, just make sure that you are consuming 100 percent fruit juice.

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Diets Tips You Ought To Follow

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Proper DietWhat better way to keep your body fit and health than to practice proper eating and dieting. Maintaining a healthy diet is not as hard as some people think. All it takes is just discipline.

Read on below on some tried-and-tested diet tips that many nutritionists and health experts recommend:

* Make it a point to eat at least two servings of vegetables and fruits every meal time.

* Eat a big breakfast everyday. Doing this will keep you from consuming a lot of calories during lunch and dinner.

* Just like soda, fruit juices contain just as much calories. Hence, it is best to consume only a glass of fruit juice a day.

* Opt for mustard instead of mayonnaise. Mustard is a lot healthier.

* Prepare and bring your own lunch at the office. This way, you’ll skip on dry and unhealthy fast foods.

* Add a lot of fresh fruits in your diet if you really hate eating vegetables. Fresh fruits are just as healthy and nutritious as vegetables.

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Cook Your Way To A Better Health

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Healthy CookingCooking is not just about masterfully preparing delicious meals. Health and nourishment should also be among your concerns when it comes to cooking, for a lot of diseases common today are associated to poor eating habits and improper preparation of foods.

To practice healthy cooking and eating, below are some tips on how to cook and eat right:

* Always wash vegetables and fruits before cutting them.
* Refrain from cutting vegetables and fruits in small pieces. Bigger pieces have more vitamins than smaller pieces.
* Stick to the recommended amount of water to use when cooking.
* Stay away from artificial food colorings.
* Avoid over-cooking, for this may lessen Vitamin C content.
* Make it a habit to eat the food 10 to 15 minutes after cooking.
* Prepare food by boiling and steaming instead of frying.
* Always eat breakfast in the morning. Breakfast should be the power meal of your day.
* No to salty foods as well as alcoholic drinks. These are not good to your body.

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