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What To Eat At Fast Food Chains

Posted in Healthy Eating by doctorsonline on February 9, 2010

There are times when you can’t really avoid seating at fast food chains, especially at situations when you are in a hurry and preparing meals at home or healthier food options are just not available.

But you see, meal selections at fast food chains are not all that bad. In fact, fast foods have meals that are actually nutritious. You just have to know what food to order.

The following are the dietician-approved meals offered at these popular fast food chains in the country:

* McDonald’s
Order Southwest salad with grilled chicken. Make sure that it is served with no dressing. This meal is high in protein and moderate in calories, just right to keep you full until dinner time.

* Subway
Order the 6-inch roast beef sandwich on 9-grain wheat. This meal is included in Subway’s “Fresh Fit” menu. As for fat-free, low-calorie side item, go for sliced apples for fiber.

* Taco Bell
Order the fresco grilled steak soft taco. This meal is moderate in calories and fat. To add flavor to your taco, ask for hot sauce or extra salsa.

Contributed by: Rcon Pascua