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Cook Your Way To A Better Health

Posted in Healthy Eating,Rcon Pascua by doctorsonline on January 14, 2010

Healthy CookingCooking is not just about masterfully preparing delicious meals. Health and nourishment should also be among your concerns when it comes to cooking, for a lot of diseases common today are associated to poor eating habits and improper preparation of foods.

To practice healthy cooking and eating, below are some tips on how to cook and eat right:

* Always wash vegetables and fruits before cutting them.
* Refrain from cutting vegetables and fruits in small pieces. Bigger pieces have more vitamins than smaller pieces.
* Stick to the recommended amount of water to use when cooking.
* Stay away from artificial food colorings.
* Avoid over-cooking, for this may lessen Vitamin C content.
* Make it a habit to eat the food 10 to 15 minutes after cooking.
* Prepare food by boiling and steaming instead of frying.
* Always eat breakfast in the morning. Breakfast should be the power meal of your day.
* No to salty foods as well as alcoholic drinks. These are not good to your body.

Contributed by: Rcon Pascua